Weekend Recap

We had quite an eventful weekend! It started off with a bang with our air conditioner giving out Friday night. YAY. It actually started making noises the night before, so we had someone out to look at it Friday morning. He told us it was the motor and that it would probably last for a couple more months. Welp so much for that. It gave out around 10 pm that same day.

It was predicted to hit 100 degrees this weekend, so before going to sleep in a warm house (luckily not too hot yet), we called a company and arranged for someone to come out the next morning. I had to scrap all of my Saturday plans (a workout and an oil change, super exciting.)

We woke up pretty early Saturday morning and I went to Starbucks (because when the A/C is out, I take my coffee in frappucino form thankyouverymuch.) Soon the repair man showed up and we got a new motor installed. We celebrated our cool house by leaving to go to lunch (haha) and went to Namoo Korean Bowl. I got the tofu bowl, and it was pretty good. I liked James’ meal better though so I’d probably get that next time.

From there we decided to make it an all-out day date, and stopped by Pinkberry for dessert. The “original” flavor is usually the only one I like. I find the others too sweet and I prefer my froyo tangy.

Later we went over to my parents’ house for dinner. It was delicious, and they had watermelon. We had to take a picture of this massive slice.

Sunday was pretty typical, some food prepping (we are trying out this recipe this week,) and I taught a fun multistep class using 4 benches.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

July 24, 2017
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