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I always love reading these from other bloggers, so I thought I would join in on the fun! Here’s my day in the life for a Monday.

6:00 am: Wake up to the sound of James making smoothies. I am super grateful that he wakes up early (without an alarm… crazy right?) and most days makes us smoothies for breakfast. Anyway, I didn’t have to be out of bed yet so I tried to go back to sleep for a few minutes.

6:30 am: Wake up, talk to James for a bit in bed while he gets ready to leave. Scroll facebook and read emails.

6:45 am: Get out of bed, brush teeth, etc. Get ready for work: hair, makeup, get dressed. Start the roomba and feed the dogs breakfast.

7:15 am: Out the door! Drive to work, drink my smoothie in the car.

7:45 am: Arrive at work. Make tea. I am really loving this Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea¬†(affiliate link). I’ve purchased it before as loose leaf tea, and I was super excited to see that I could buy it in individual tea bags! Makes it super easy to make at work.


8:00 am: Work work work work work. Listen to this playlist.


11:30 am: Leave for a meeting. Today I had a committee meeting during lunch. Take selfie in bathroom.

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12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Meeting while eating lunch.

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1:30 pm: Back at the office. More work.

4:15 pm: Cookie break! Eat 1/2 of the cookie. Earlier I had texted James to tell him I saved the cookie for him. So while snacking on it I had to break the news that he would only have half to eat tonight!

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5:30 pm: Leave work.

5:45 pm: TRAFFIC

6:00 pm: Arrive home. Check the mail, let the dogs out and feed them. Try on this super cute high waisted swimming suit from amazon. I have 2 more coming later this week and I’ll decide which one to keep then! (Free return shipping ftw.)

Change for class, eat 1/2 a banana with peanut butter.

6:30 pm: Drive to class.

7:00 – 8:00 pm: Orange theory! I woke up this weekend really craving a class for some reason, so I made it happen! Aaaaaand it was awesome.


8:15 pm: Back home. Spend some time with the dogs, and then make dinner. On the menu tonight are these quesadillas. For meal prep over the weekend, I made and assembled the filling, so all I had to do tonight was fill the tortilla and heat on a skillet. Served with a side of black beans. Load dishwasher while quesadilla is cooking.


8:30 pm: Eat dinner. I’ve been trying to be better at home about eating without distractions to focus on my food and hunger/fullness cues. I have a bad youtube habit while I eat! So tonight I left my phone in the other room and sat down to a quiet dinner.

8:45 pm: James comes home from work. We chat for a few minutes about our days.

9:00 pm: Shower, get cleaned up for bed.

9:30 pm: Sit down to write this blog post.

10:00 pm: Read before bed. I am loving The Marriage Lie right now.

10:30 pm: Bedtime!

June 27, 2017
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