An Ode to the Menstrual Cup

First of all, sorry about the lack of a Step Move Wednesday post this week! The series will continue next week.

Second, if talk of woman’s health and periods isn’t your thing, feel free to skip this post.

Ah, the menstrual cup. It has seriously been a game changer for me! What is a menstrual cup? It’s essentially a cup made of medical grade silicone that you insert during your period, which collects the blood. It has a stem for easy removal, so after a few hours (up to 12 max) you can empty it, wash it, and reinsert it. And that’s it! It’s great for your body (it doesn’t have the chemicals that tampons have), the environment (fewer pads and tampons in landfills), and your wallet (a cup will set you back around $30-40, but you will make up the savings within a few cycles by saving on pads and tampons; the cups last for a few years!)

Truth time. When I first read about menstrual cups and all the benefits, I was like “I mean that’s great and all, but… ewwww…” and it took me a couple months of sitting on it and thinking about it to finally give it a try. I will be the first to admit that there is a learning curve! To insert the cup, you fold it to make it smaller. It took me a couple of cycles to get really comfortable with it, but I reminded myself that there was also a learning curve with tampons, and it’s worth it! Check out this post for 6 folds (I use the U fold.)

Then there’s the part of washing it. When I’m at home, I use the diva cup wash. They recommend a mild soap to wash with. If you need to change it in a public restroom, you can empty it out (with clean hands), wipe it down with toilet paper, and reinsert it, washing it later that day when you get home. Piece of cake!

So obviously all those benefits listed above are great, but my favorite thing about it is convenience. It’s very comfortable; once inserted, you can’t feel it. The cup can be inserted for up to 12 hours at a time, so when my flow isn’t super heavy, I only have to empty it twice a day. That means only thinking about your period 2 TIMES A DAY! Life changing.

I’ve tried a couple of different brands, the diva cup and the Lunette. I experienced a little bit of leaking with the Diva Cup (totally personal preference and how my body is built) so my favorite is the Lunette. There are two models, a smaller one and a larger one. I highly recommend starting with the smaller one if you are new to menstrual cups because the plastic is softer and easier to insert. I ended up “upgrading” to the larger one to manage my heavier flow. I have this one currently.

Another benefit is that you can actually “see” your period blood. It may sound strange at first, but your period is an important indicator of health, and it’s good to get up close and personal with it! I really can’t say enough good things about menstrual cups, and I’ve been using them for almost 5 years now. Also, if you’re interested in one, I recommend reading the tips/FAQs section on their websites (here’s Diva Cup and Lunette) to familiarize yourself beyond the scope of this blog post! But if you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll be happy to answer!

Tell me in the comments, have you tried a menstrual cup? If not, would you?

July 28, 2017
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